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The Open Doors of Reality

Posted on May 14, 2015 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (3)



A question that each one of us must and should ask ourselves.


In keeping with the Theme for this week for TCSSHC Universal Circle of Enlightenment Prayer Line. “The Open Door to Reality”


We will read The Scriptures taken from :

a) Proverbs Chapter 14, verse 12.

b) Also from the Book of Galatians Chapter 5, verse 17 and 19 thru. 25.


In my presentation today. I wish to use three key words out of the Phrase.




Invocation:- Father God, you who are ever present in the consciousness of every participant, viewing this site, that their minds be now open and receptive to your voice, through this vessel of yours.

I thank you, that the words proceeding from this mouth, emerging from the meditations of this Heart, be pleasing and acceptable before thy sight.

That it may bring forth enlightenment to the consciousness of your beloved vessels on this site, May the quickening of your Spirit within them, encourage and embolden them to share this understanding, wherever and whenever, you open doors of opportunities to do so.

I thank you, and may you forever be glorified in and through us.


Topic:- “ What is my Reality”


“Reality” can be defined as that which the conscious mind accepts to be real or relevant to it’s existence, having a resemblance to the original concept or understanding.


a) How real is your reality?.


Since the creation of Mankind, being made in the image and likeness of it’s creator, being Gods as God, in a physical embodiment, having all the attributes and nature of God, chose to walk through the open door, towards the reality of KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS of both GOOD and EVIL.


In this particular reality that mankind has chosen for himself, glorifies and embraces the reality of “Materiality” or all things physical, that relates to the five basic senses of the Body.


Hence for a very long period of Man’s reality was associated with a reality that is based on the lower level of his conscious existence, satisfying the Animal nature of the Flesh, and the desires of the body. In this state of consciousness or in this reality, He felt that he was free, when in fact he had become a prisoner and a slave to the Body.


As time went by, mankind began to evolve and unfold, by seeking and yearning for a higher level of existence, also based on the foundation of the “Knowledge” of “Good” and “Evil”. Just as we, each and everyone of us had unfolded as we evolved in our consciousness.


b) The “seeker” is someone or anyone who experience the desire or yearning for something greater, hence they began their journey of transcending, by seeking, without and within themselves.

The Christ assures us that those who seek, out of the hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall be filled and shall be rewarded.


c) Those who seek, shall find and those who find, must knock on the

“Door” of possibilities, and the “Door” of endless opportunities shall be opened unto all who are prepared to walk through that open “Door”.

over time, Man sought to behold of those possibilities, using the same foundation of the “Knowledge” of “Good” and “Evil” . Man began to create a “Reality” carved out of his sixth and seventh senses, the faculty of “Intellectuality”, through man’s “Intellectuality”, He has unfolded a world of several “Realities”; The “reality” of visuality, through capturing life experiences and holding unto it, by painting it unto a “Canvas”, or carving it in “stone” or using “wood”, by so doing, man was trying to have a “Lock” on Life, by capturing and holding images experienced in time, to still or freeze it in a lifeless physical form, this reality unfolded over time, and man transcended to still “Photography” using light to capture images and moments of Lifes’ experiences. In time this reality also subsequently unfolded into moving and automated and animated imagery.


Proverbs 14: 12 reminds us that “there is a way that seems right unto Man, but this way leads leadeth to Death or Destruction”


We must remember, as pointed out in “Galatians” 5: 19-21, that the works according to the “Reality” of Flesh consciousness, that these things also lead to “Death”.



I recall that God had said in the Book of Genesis, that in the day we choose to Eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, it will lead to our Death, that is, separation from a conscious reality that connects us to God, and the consciousness of God within our being, that is the true Divine Being.

When we choose to walk through that Door of Reality that is based on our “Intellectuality” it has led us to this “Day”, A reality governed by visual “Technology”, a reality called “virtuality”. In the world that Mankind has unfolded unto himself, we have entered the age of the “Machines”, where the Computer now has become our “Reality”. Every person now has the opportunity to access one, in a mobile form, called the “Smart Phone”.

This new Reality possesses so many possibilities and opportunities, that it has put previous realities into obsoletion, such previous realities that were held in high esteem, has outlived its’ usefulness and is quickly disappearing from the scenes of Mans’ reality.

Are we still on the Theme of “ The Open Door to Reality?” Yes!!, as Masters of Light, I now present to you, the “Reality” of all “Realities”


Oh! And before I forget, the “Good” that we try to do, when we choose to do that “Good” based on the “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil”, also leads to Death, and does not find favor in the eyes of God. For God said through the vessel of His Prophet, that such Good or righteousness is nothing but Filthy Rags before his sight. (So much for the Reality of Man) based on the faculty of his Intellectuality.


I Present to you, the Door to a Reality, that is now open to All, first to all participants of this Universal Circle of Enlightenment, and to all those whose lives, you will touch, right here and right now.


This Reality is our “Spirituality”, our only true Reality, and that Door has been declared open by the “CHRIST” in you, who is you. I AM who I AM,

I AM GOD, GOD I AM (x 3 times).


Of the two previous Realities that I have spoken of so far…..


1) A Reality of Materiality, based on all things Physical.

2) A Reality of Virtuality, based on Visual Technology, out of the Faculty of our “Intellectuality”.

These Realities all shall pass away, and lead to Death, or separation from the Consciousness of the I AM presence with in our existence.


The Reality of Spirituality is not found on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. ( repeat for emphasis)


But can only be found on the “TREE of LIFE”. (also repeat for emphasis)


The “CHRIST” the Son of God Declares that He is the “WAY”, the “TRUTH”, and the “LIFE”.


Christ has removed the Flaming Swords, that preserves the “WAY” of the Tree of Life.


Christ declares that He has come to give us Life, return us back to the Garden of Eden, the Domain of Life, and that through the CHRIST, who now dwells in you, as you. You all now have access to that abundant Life, that springs up within, like a well of Life giving water, Open your minds and walk through that open door of Reality that leads you to your consciousness of your Spirituality, your true divinity.


The Kingdom of God is within your consciousness, release and become in the twinkle of an eye, be ye Transformed as you yield to the Reality of your “Spirituality”, you now have access to all things Beautiful, All things Good, All things Holy, All things Righteous, all things Eternal. Do not think it, just relax and breathe it, let it flow, inward and outward.


As you go forth boldly, share it with all those who are willing to accept it. Do not share what you believe, share what you know, what you have experienced.


Your Reality is that you exist to Manifest God in this Realm, while you are in this your present embodiment. Congratulations in your New Reality, as you transcend the cosmos, in your divinity, manifesting God in his reality. The God of Life.


Masters of Light, God has blessed you all. You are now blessed in the Name and in the Power of the Christ within.

Have a Spirit charged Day, now and forevermore. AMEN and AMEN.


Now the Light of Christ surrounds you, the Love of Christ enfolds you,

The power of Christ protects you, the Presence of Christ now watches over you, knowing that wherever you are Christ is and all is well.




The Controversy of Mans' Understanding While in the consciousness of Flesh

Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The Bible is filled with stories and events that mirrors the continuous errors of mankind's misunderstandings of God's communication to us. There are numerous occasions when man in his intellect executes and justifies their actions by accrediting God to their decisions and actions. Mankind deceives themselves when they satisfy their own desires and authenticate it with the stamp of God. From Abraham to Moses to David unto Solomon and unto present day leaders are guilty of this grave deception. Christ said we, like sheep have all gone astray. All have sinned and fallen short of God's glory in their life. When we say that we have heard from God, we must question our understanding to ensure that it lines up with the nature of God. For God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. God,s nature is not fickle nor is it faithless. Always test your understanding before acting. REMEMBER HOW MANY PEOPLE SAUL KILLED BEFORE CHRIST CONFRONTED HIM AND HIS UNDERSTANDING CHANGED. He also changed his name to distance himself from the old man who was ignorant of the truth. The kings of Israel was assigned by God to lead the Nations. Instead they all followed what their life experiences has taught them, when God placed their perceived enemies in their hands, did they do the God like thing and teach by example what those nations should do?, NO they joined those nations by the continuous KILLINGS, in the Name of God, Yet God's command says "Thou shall not KILL".

Are we saying that God does not know what He is saying?. Think about this.And you will discover how the whole world have gone astray, we have all been deceived by those who claim to be our Leaders in Society, from the Church governance downward and across the spectrum of the society of the world.. After all that they subjected the Christ in Jesus to. What did he say..."Father forgive them, for they know NOT WHAT THEY DO." Yes Christ is still teaching us from the Cross, that we must forgive no matter what we experience, that is the God like thing and the work of LOVE in action.

Our Salvation Process

Posted on April 26, 2015 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)





1) Walking in Disobedience, walking after the way of the Flesh.



2) Recognizing the results of our Disobedience ( Harshness,

cruelty, fear, poverty, unhappy, unfulfilled, miserable etc.


3) Repenting of our Disobedience, (Willingness to turn away

from such a life style based on choice).


4) Acceptance of Help- Receiving the olive branch of Hope

through the Christ, Son of God. As our redeemer.


5) Overcoming the Grip of the Flesh, bad habits are hard to get rid of. We must sacrifice in order to release and break those chains.

6) Surviving your Gethsemane Experiences. The struggle of the

Spirit over the flesh, overcoming your way, and abiding with

God’s way and will for your life. Trusting only in the Spirit.

7) Crucifying the Old ways of understanding, and yielding to the

New ways of understanding. Crucifying of the way of Flesh.


8 ) Experience the resurrection of the New Man, being Born again

of the Spirit, returning to your true divine nature of Spirit.

Of God.

9) Availing yourself to the process of Ascension, through

practising forgiveness. Forgiveness of your ownself,

forgiveness unto others.


10) Receiving of our Spiritual Consciousness, our Empowerment,

having and exercising dominion over the Body Temple.


11) Application of that Power through the Consciousness of Spirit.

Receiving of the Holy Spirit of God, adopting us into the Fold of God as Sons of God. Holy and righteous.

12) Transcend to the Spiritual Cosmos, to the Glorious Heights, in

the Existence of oneness with God, as God. Experiencing that

union that we once had before the world was. Being one with

God. The true Birth and Destiny of Man as God.



Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Man Know thyself (Part 2) cont’d…

Now, when Man/Woman chose to go after the Flesh, and not abide in Spirit, that is to remain in unity and exist in oneness with their divinity, as Spirit beings, they in fact rebelled through their disobedience.

In the Kingdom of Spirit, obedience is considered to be better than sacrifice, in obedience there is absolute freedom, no fear, no second guessing, no condemnation, no rebuke, no self esteem issues, no sense of insecurity, only liberty is our experience.

In another understanding, ingratitude through disobedience is considered to be worse than witchcraft. Our unthankfullness leads to ingratitude which leads to disobedience, which leads to rebellion, which is considered to be worse than demon worship (witchcraft)

A very good friend of mine, a brother in the Art of Spirituality, via Martial Arts, once shared out of his consciousness of the Flesh, guided by the Spirit within, disclosed that “Crotch craft” is more dangerous than “ witchcraft “. It is no wonder that nearly all forms of occultic practices, involve some form of physical sexual manipulations, which they try to cover your consciousness with terms of “Fertility rituals”. We must be spiritually wary of all these devious snares that are intended for us to “fall” out of sink with our Spiritual heritage.

Now , since that fateful event of “Man/ Woman” s choosing to rebel, and in so doing, lost the consciousness of Spirit, found themselves with the choice of two roads or two ways of existence; Prior to this mis-adventure on the part of “man/woman” , there was only one way of existence, the way of Spirit, the way of truth, the way of “Life”, this was the only consciousness of experience that was the reality of “Man/Woman”.

However when the thought, of a possible other(alternative) way was introduced, or presented to the consciousness of the “woman”, coming into her mind from the voice of the enemy of God. Lucifer. ( Not to the awareness of the “Woman” since they were not yet aware of everything, as they were yet babes in their Spirituality) encouraging the “woman” to consider another way, in which “she” can become like God, by following the suggested way of the “Flesh”, or the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ; not realizing that “She” was already like God as God walking in a Body or a physical form. As long as “she” the “woman” continue to remain obedient to Spirit, what “she” did not realize is that “she” was being enticed to disobey God’s (Spirit”s) commands.

Two ways then became the reality of “man’s/woman’s” experience, the way of “Spirit” which is the way that leads to Life everlasting; or the Way of the “Flesh”, which leads to Death, permanent separation from the consciousness of the Power and Presence of Spirit (God).

Now “man/woman” were faced with the choice of these two ways of their existence.

One way leads to Life and the other way leads to Death, there is no third way, no in between, no grey area. God is quite clear. They choice to disobey brought the consequence of separation and eviction from the Garden of Eden, the Presence of God, the Bliss of oneness, the existence of freedom, power, dominion, authority, rulership, the consciousness of God’s presence within the body temple, All this they loss in that moment. From that moment “time” began, hence “Time” marks the beginning of “Man/woman’s” disobedience, unto the reconciliation of the Christ within the embodiment of Jesus. When the door of opportunity will once again be open for “man/woman” to once again return into the bosom of their Creator, and exist in the harmony of consciousness of divinity, recognizing that the Body temple is not theirs, but Gods’ and that they are privileged to share in that experience as one with God as God equal with God, no holds barred.

In the continuing chapters we will examine these two ways of existence in some detail.

To be cont’d.

May the Light of God surrounds us, the Love of God enfolds us, the Power of God protects us, and the presence of God watches over us, knowing that wherever we are, that God is and the pure white light energy of the Christ within now fills us, and only Good comes to us and now only Good goes from us. God bless you, until the next posting. Be encouraged to share this site with your friends and family, and all those whom you care for.




Man know thyself

Posted on February 22, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (2)

In the Beginning God created Man, after his own image and likeness( Gen. 1:26-27) God who is Spirit, created Man after his own image and Likeness, In essence God was replicating himself, God's intention was for this created being to rule over the works of his Hands, Gen 1:26. Now this created being who was also a spiritual being, needed a body to carry out the assignment of the Spirit, in accordance with God's will (Gen 1:26), hence God molded and shaped a form from the dust of the Earth, then He breathed his breath of Life (Zoe- in Greek means that which makes Gods) into he Body and it became a living soul He named this form "ADAM" . The name of the body was Adam, while the name of the Spirit being was "Man"

In (Gen 1:27) God had created "Man" with both attributes of Male and Female qualities, thus God being the possessor of the said attributes, which he placed also in 'Man'. Subsequently God duplicated the Spirit Man, when He put him to sleep and took a "RIB" an expression used to indicate a part of the Spirit man. ( Spirit Man does not have ribs, only the Physical Body carries ribs) God subsequently formed Adam's help meet from the "rib" and called her "EVE" meaning mother of Creation.

God had in reality created other Gods like himself, (Psalm 82:6) He then proceeded to give them charge in (Gen1:26) He also gave them the power of choice, Hence God gave them Free will, just as God himself has free will, there was no restriction except one. " Do not eat of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." for in that day should you eat, you shall surely die.( meaning to lose Spiritual contact with God, to be separated from God) The question many have not asked, is what is this knowledge that God was referring to, well the actions of Adam & Eve gives us an indication of that knowledge. (Gen 3:1-7) Their partaking of this knowledge cause them to become aware of their bodies, but not just aware, but that awareness led them to feel naked, hence they sewed fig leaves and made themselves aprons, now their upper body parts were still exposed, but that seemed to be no issue with them, just where the "aprons' were covering, that is that part of their body that was used in the partaking of this peculiar knowledge.

Hence the covering up of that which was used in their mis-adventure. If someone was caught eating the cookies from the cooky jar, they would cover their mouth to hide any evidence (residue) that would incriminate their behavior. Now in ( Gen.3:6 )  when the "woman" a spiritual being still connected to God as God, saw the "Tree" , that it was good for food. Now God has referred to us a Trees in many areas of his word, (Psalm 1:3) is one example,"He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water" Christ also said the "By their fruits you shall know them" Trees bear fruits also.

When "Man/woman" chose to disobey God, and became reckless with their Spiritual responsibility, there was a consequence to their decision and action, it caused them to lose their Spiritual consciousness, and that was replaced by their physical consciousness, or Carnal consciousness.

Hence since the fall of "man" from the consciousness of his spiritual nature, he became disconnected, and lost the power and Glory, he once experienced when they were walking in accrodance with the will and oneness of God their creator. This is why it is known as the fall of "man"

Since this peculiar event in eternity past, all mankind thereafter born of a woman, via the process of Carnality, have been disconnected from their true identity. "All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God" the very words of the Christ. (Rom. 3:23) Since then to present day, every human being on this planet identifies with their "BODY" as their being. But this is not really so, for we are Spiritual Beings created in the Image and likeness of the Creator God . The human race has a serious problem, called an "Identity crisis". Many say they are a child of God, but would stop short of saying that they are a God. Now Sheep produce young sheep (Lambs) Pigs produce piglets, an apple tree produces apples, that carries within seeds that will become apple trees. God produced beings called "Man" who are his children, hence they must also be gods. (Psalm 82:6)

When we come to the consciousness of the God presence in us, or the Christ presence, does not make a difference, since Christ being the True Son of God, is also God, for when you behold the Christ, you behold God, for The Father is in Christ and Christ is in the Father, together they are one. (John 10:30) We also will boldly declare that "Iam God, God I am" with the understanding the you are a spiritual Being, walking around in a Body, so that your Spiritual assignment can be carried out by using the body,which is your vehicle, or the house for the Spirit, or the container for the God Presence (The I AM Presence within the body) Though we are many we are all one Spirit in God (Ephesians 4:4-6). In all our getting we are encouraged to get understanding. The understanding that we are Spiritual beings, is liberating and empowering. This understanding frees us up from a lot of stigmas and labels that have attached itself to our minds. Now the Mind is that mirror within, that reflects what we attach ourselves to. Since "Man" became disconnected from his true nature, the mind has convinced itself that the body is what it is, and so the being of "man" relates to everything through the spectrum of the Body, hence our minds have become carnal, or flesh conscious..

When "Man" chose to walk away from Spirit, by choosing to walk after the flesh, The  mind which is meant to be the servant of the Spirit, and the Body be the servant of the mind, so that the will of God would be made perfect in Mans obedience, instead :Man: lost their Dominion as a Spirit being, and the mind has become a slave to the body, where the body dictates and the behavior of man no longer reflects the nature of God, but rather the nature of flesh. Such as Fear, Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Lies, deceitfullness, Thinking out of Lack, covetousness, murder, war, impatience, faithlessness and so forth, you can add to this list of maladies. But when "Man" walks after the Spirit, which reflects the nature of God, Man will Love, be Peaceful, Kind, compassionate, doing good for the benefit of others, for He will also see God in others, Patient, long suffering, forgiveness, Spread Joy, Speak well of others, Faithful and be of a good report. See Fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23)

God Bless you for visiting and reading, May the Light of God now surround you, the Love of God now enfolds you, the power of God now protects you, and the presence of God now watches over you, knowing that where ever you are that God is always with you, and all is well, and through the pure white light energy of the Christ, only Good comes to you and now only Good goes from you. Stay Blessed through your obedience to Spirit,. Look forward for future updates.